The hungry singleton speaks

I am a word heavy person, and I’ll apologise in advance if big blocks of text make you anxious. Thankfully, I’m happy to introduce myself in twelve words, just as I am in many more.

The short version:

  • I cook.
  • I eat.
  • I talk a lot.
  • I like Oxford commas.

The long version:  I am one among many average 20-somethings with a pretty good smartphone and a passable command of English. I use both extensively for my day job, which, I’m sure you’ll understand, is a necessary evil in a time where we’d all be happier on a sunny beach somewhere, floppy hat and ice-cold pineapple-something in hand.

In Malaysia, where I do all my singling, and cooking, and eating, and musing, it’s considered somewhat unfashionable for a woman of a certain age to be going at life alone. It’s a lonely road, but I’ve often found that a bottle of Chianti from the Emergency Wine Stash is the perfect panacea. That’s not to say I’m miserable, however. The paradox is this: I enjoy being alone, but I don’t particularly enjoy being lonely. The goal, I suppose, is to find a good balance in life to remedy that affliction.

Single & Always Hungry started out as a book in my head. It’s a lovely idea, like so many I’ve entertained in my short life, but the world it is a-changin’ and I am, unfortunately, an impatient sort of person (meaning when I want to go, I want to go now). A blog seems a happy alternative! The gist of it is this: I am a singleton, and I like to eat. Sometimes, I eat my feelings, though I would say a more precise descriptive would be that I cook my feelings. If all this prattle resonates with you on some intrinsic level, I’m glad for it, and I hope we can be friends.